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This is one of the most difficult letters I have ever had to write, but it’s time. As bittersweet as it is for me to tell you, it is time for me to make major life changes, to spend more time with my husband who has waited patiently as I worked to save the world, especially Napa Valley, from bad posture, and to "smell the roses". I can hardly believe the studio turned fifteen this year and I am so grateful, but it’s time for me to downsize and reduce the demands on my time. As of December 23, 2018, I am officially semi-retired and have closed the studio at 1338 Pearl Street.

 Please know, I love my job. I have delightful clients who everyday have made my teaching easy and joyful. I am in great health, the studio is in fine financial shape, and I have a wonderful landlord who continues to make it possible for us to stay in our beautiful little space, despite that changes in downtown Napa rents. But the reality is I have lots of things I want to do that don’t allow for a regular teaching schedule.

Beginning mid-January, 2019, I am so pleased to tell you that Napa Valley Ballet, Napa’s only non profit dance academy, has stepped up. They have offered to take over Downtown Pilates, lock, stock and ladder barrel, and house it within their studios at 2310 Laurel Street Suite 5.

As a non-profit, NVB is always in need of financial support. Their board feels that a Pilates studio would b a wonderful way to enhance their dance programs as well as increase their ability to offer scholarships for kids who, otherwise, might miss out on an opportunity to experience dance.

“Pilates at NVB” plans to offer both mat and private sessions. At this time the plan is to reprise the current Downtown Pilates class schedule with a few exceptions to be determined. Though I will not be running the Pilates program, I will be teaching my private clients there, as well as consulting and working with their Pilates trainers on teaching style.

The Pilates studio at NVB will open the week of January 14. To get things started I have agreed to teach a mat Pilates class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm until the end of February. At that time the NVB Pilates staff will take over. You can sign up and pay on line for classes. Check it out at Go to the weekly schedule for January. You should be able to enroll by clicking on the link.

Finally, I have been so incredibly fortunate in so many ways sharing this place with you and I wish it could go on forever. But there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I hope you will continue doing Pilates and take what you’ve learned into all the fitness regimes you choose. It’s hard for me to imagine my days without you, but I want you to know I feel so much gratitude for the fifteen and a half years we’ve had together.

I love and appreciate you all more than I can express.






You've heard about it, read about it, seen the infomercials and, maybe, even bought the video or DVD. Now you have the opportunity to experience PILATES for yourself under the supervision of a Certified Pilates Instructor conveniently located in downtown Napa.

At DOWNTOWN PILATES NAPA VALLEY we offer a full-service Pilates studio where

*You can increase your fitness level and strength
*Sculpt long, lean muscles
*Improve your overall flexibility and
*Enhance your quality of life.

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